What do you do??

Red Slyme Incubator is a multi media collabarative arts practice, AND an NGO incubator for creating multispecies collaborations between humans and algae. In the face of environmental catastrophe, Red Slyme, argues against the green pill of capitalist environmental production, and for the red pill of uprising and rage. Green is the colour of accumulation, as an image or figure, it represents the world as one of bounty and splendour, rendering its gigantic systems and impassioned cycles of reproduction as fungible goods. A Green image of the world takes the planet at face value and doesn’t ask after the affective struggles that are crystallised in its slow collapse. Red operates as a discordant collaboration with the colour green–an ugly combo, sullied by the cloying sweetness of Christmas.

RSI is neither human nor algae, but some strange non technological entity that is the monstrous child of them both. RSI then seeks resonances and allies with those that inhabit the littoral margins of this planet, asking “What shall we do!!”. RSI argues that green capitalism is increasingly the image of the world, a turn from the politics of oil, to the primoradial fungible power of slime. RSI then is not the world–although it is borne of it, RSI is a figure in the world, responding to the fugue of eco-disaster.

Incubate the world!!

RSI is an incubator, it seeks to invest and grow collaborative blooms, between unspecified algal and human substrates. Each growth is a bloom and, each bloom is a coming together of algae and human sensous knowledge making, for use in the biofuel NGO market place. As an Incubator, RSI are committed to the accelerated blooming of algal and human investors, and strive to create spaces and apparatuses that can be utilised for poly species breeding and manifesting.

slyme not slime.

If slime now is an engine, then what modalities of desire does it feed? “All the wrong ones” burbles RSI. Slime is a co-opted dead beast, its early promise (again, plugged into the affective residues of the colour green) overtaken by the surging accumulative power of neoliberal capitalism.

Slyme is a definition of a new resilient strain of algae, one not necessarily encoded (although it is) by genomes, switches and biological traits, so much as by its virulent redness, and animosity to its own fungibility. Slyme is also dead, but its deadness is less like a will and testimony as it is raised and motile, vigorously searching for the seams of the world.

Red is the only colour . . . .

Red is the colour of wine, passion, communism, and blood. Red Slyme Incubator invests this colour into the productive power of algae. RSI’s algal politics are tinged with the emotional power of red, where green capitalism sees the productive power of green as swan song for a perpetual capitalism, one not worried by the decoherrance of the planet. RSI prefers the destructive signification of red.

Red slyme is not so much one narrow affective channel, instead its different tonal points create chords and textures of feeling.

Green is trash!!

Green slime is the product of fresh water, it lives close to land, or at least grid locked away from the swarming alterity of the sea. It grows as filth in puddles, rivers, swamps, and ponds. Until recently it was the wretched by-product of a wasteful system, there are for this reason many ways to control green slime, including within the modalities of growth, infestations, and inoculations. From these branches of control, Green slime was displaced as a fetid, half dead thing, into the shiny face of carbon sinks and non-entropic biopower. We say the planet is trashed, and RSI levels a middle finger at the colour green!